Space saving beds

You'll be amazed how much space you can save with a Spaceman Bed. Select from a simple folding boxed bed, multi function bed or loft bed/bunk beds.

Save more space by combining your bed with a desk, a sofa, a shelving unit or even a TV console. Spaceman beds are available in single, super single, double and queen size and open either vertically or horizontally to perfectly fit your space.

Sofa beds

With new Spaceman sofa beds you sleep on a real full size mattress, not the sofa, ensuring comfort and hygiene for you and your guests. You can even keep your pillows inside most models.

Spaceman sofa beds are available in single, super single, double, and queen size, as well as our remarkable bunk bed and triple bed designs.

Multi function tables

Dining tables are greedy, even when you are not using them they hog space.

With our multi function tables your dining table serves another purpose when not in use, such as a coffee table or console table, freeing up all that valuable space to make a bigger living room.

Kids Beds

If you want your children to have a harmonious bedroom, with space to be able to study effectively then the Spaceman space saving kids beds are ideal for you.

Whilst of course any of our beds could be used in a kids room, the beds shown here are ideal for kids because they offer bunk beds or you can combine a single bed or bunk beds with a desk.

Why choose Spaceman ?

Space saving experts since 2011

  • Safety first

    Our products are made to European safety standards. For example the Murphy Beds use our exclusive soft open system.

    No need to keep hold of the bed when opening, or worry about it hanging in mid air, our advanced soft open system means the bed will glide effortlessly and gently to the ground.

  • Made in Italy

    Do you know where your furniture was made?

    Our wall bed and sofa bed mechanisms, cabinets and multi function tables are all proudly made in Italy. Our advanced manufacturing facility means we can even customise the bed to fit your space.

  • The widest choice

    More than 30 models of bed including desk beds, bunk beds, sofa beds, and hundreds of matching cabinetry options such as wardrobes, bookshelves, hanging cabinets, open shelves, desks plus multi function tables, real bed sofa beds, wall mounted tables etc.

    Thousands of possible finish combinations including melamine, lacquer, glass and wood veneer.

  • Save money

    Buying our multi function designs means buying less furniture.

    And because our beds, wardrobes etc are easy to dismantle they can be taken with so no need to replace them when you move home.

Customer installations

See how these customers have used Spaceman beds to maximise their space

  • Slumbershelves

    Completely concealed behind the TV is the Slumbershelves revolving bed. This exceptional interior designer has created a chic black theme and used the Slumbershelves without the shelves to produce a pared down minimalist look.

  • Liberty bed with customised shelves

    This customer has used the horizontally opening Slumberdesk to perfectly fit their space, providing their daughter with a queen size bed and desk in a room that would not otherwise have had space for the desk and bed together.

    You can make customised bookshelves, wardrobes, shelving etc to team up with your beautiful Italian Spaceman bed

  • Slumberdesk Junior

    With the remarkable Slumberdesk Junior this showflat has shown how even a narrow room can fit a full size bed and a desk.

    From the photo of the bed open you can see the orthopedic slatted base used on all our wall beds to ensure comfort and a healthy mattress.

Don't just take our word for it

My Spaceman bed has completely changed our home. Now the kids have room to study and play even though they share a bedroom

Our Slumberdesk was a great investment, for less than some mattresses we have reclaimed over $100,000 of space in our new home

We were delighted to finally find a sofa bed that uses a real mattress instead of sleeping on the sofa itself

My living hall was so squeezed so I was so happy to find these space saving tables from Spaceman and now my living hall feels twice as big!

I never thought furniture could be so cool

Now I tell all my friends moving to a new house the first place to go is Spaceman