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Lofty ~ Loft bed from 170cm long

Lofty ~ Loft bed from 170cm long

Lofty ~ Loft bed from 170cm long


The perfect addition to a small child’s bedroom, this loft bed is available in customised sizes from just 1.7m long. 

Not only do you benefit from the space saving features of space under the bed for shelves, study desk, play area or sofa bed but the length of the bed comes in standard sizes of 170/200/210 cm, as well as standard heights of 155cm or 193cm. The beds can also be customised to any size you would like.

Need a bed 1.7m long, no problem!


Other than a selection of 21 colors, we also provide the following customisations for our space-saving child beds:

  • Steps or ladders: We offer steps as a safer alternative, which can be placed at the side of the bed or behind it.
  • Rail Guard: Choose from 3 rail guard designs.
  • Add ons: Furnish the space below the loft with a variety of desks, shelves, or sofa bed
  • Add ons: For the space under your bed you can choose a desk, a reading area in the form of a Sofa bed or a combination of the two.
  • Size: This model of loft bed is able to be tailored to your room’s size requirements, allowing the bed to fit comfortably within your child’s room.

These are just some of hundreds of combinations possible for our space-saving furniture, so please get in touch for a free space planning consultation for recommendations on models to suit your kids' personality and your space needs.


Dimensions for 155cm tall model


              Dimensions for 193cm tall model

Inclusive of a bed which is a High sleeper with a slat base, a full-length safety rail, a 3/4 safety rail, a ladder and 85 cm legs.