Hovver ~ bunk beds + desk

Hovver ~ bunk beds + desk

Hovver ~ bunk beds + desk


Bunk beds usually hog alot of space, and make a room feel cramped.

The unique features of Hovver mean you can have two, or even three beds and a desk whilst leaving the room feeling spacious and creating room for kids to play.

Unique space saving features
How does it do this? Firstly the top bunk slides back and forward, so when it is not in use it can be pushed back to the wall out of the way. For safety that also means that when pushed back children cannot climb onto the bed.

Secondly, the extending desk means you can push the desk out of the way when it is not being used, but it's smart design means you don't need to remove the items as you would with a folding desk.

Double or even triple decker
The Hovver is available with two or three beds. The third bed is stored under the lower bunk bed, in place of the drawers in the photos below. The third bed lifts up to sit at the same height as the lower bunk bed so can be used to make a double bed with the lower bunk, or a third single bed.

This is a free standing unit, so it can be dismantled and moved to other rooms or other homes in the future.

Price shown is for Hovver with three beds. Mattresses not included.

Matching cabinetry
You can choose from a wide range of wardrobes, bookshelves and other cabinetry to match the finish of the bed.