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In a home in Hong Kong, limited for space one popular space saving tool is for your furniture to expand. Expandable and extending furniture has been available for many years, but recently thanks to Italian engineering these tables now available in Hong Kong do more than simply expand. 

Expanding console table
At Spaceman Hong Kong you'll be amazed what our expandable and extending tables can do. With the Mammoth table you can shrink your dining table to less than half a metre wide yet it is extendable to nearly 3m long. and you can even store dining chairs hidden inside.

Expanding coffee table
Our coffee table/dining table range is more than just expanding furniture, like the Wings table shown here the table can be used at various heights. So your expanding furniture can function as both a coffee table and dining table therefore saving space the space your dining table would usually hog.

Amazingly you have the flexibility with this range to accommodate 4,6,8,10,12,14 or more with tables that can expand up to 3.2m long from a simple coffee table.

See the full range of our expanding dining furniture by clicking here now available in Hong Kong.

But that's just the beginning because you can also expand furniture to save space in your bedroom, kids rooms etc, see the entire Spaceman space saving furniture range to see all the possibilities at spaceman.com.hk.